Are you staying at Brightwater Lakes caravan parks in mid Wales and want to find a great night of music for you and the whole family? Then look no further than the South Powys Youth Music Event coming up soon.

Wales is known region wide for having great exports when it comes to music acts, whether they be pop or classical. It’s the latter which you can expect this coming March 26th and 27th and is a great opportunity to perhaps see the stars of tomorrow before they make it big.

Although, a little out of your way from your lodging in Powys itself, the journey to Theatr Brycheiniog is a worthwhile one as you can expect a relaxing trip and see many of the charming spots of mid Wales on your travels.

When you arrive at the theatre for 7pm, strap in for a night filled with only the most promising acts on the scene in Wales. Percussion fans are sure to revel in the evening of superb musicianship as well as some promising artists in the wind band.
The students will be guided through their paces by the tutors and you can expect String Machine and Stringtastic to both deliver on the occasion for Wednesday night.

Thursday brings with it another night of fantastic entertainment and what you could call a Powys super-group. Both the north and south orchestras will unite into the Powys Youth Orchestra in a spellbinding performance set to be led by respected conductor Tim Cronin.

There could be no better opportunity for the kids in your family to get interested in classical music as they can attend the event on both nights completely free of charge. Standard admission is just £6 per head but you’re sure to be getting your money’s worth.

Any time of year, Theatr Brycheiniog puts on an unforgettable show so if you enjoy the South Powys Youth Music event, make sure you check back at the venue for more of what’s on!