Brightwater lakes is a holiday park set amidst the magnificent welsh countryside and homes two fully stocked fishing lakes and heated indoor swimming pool and an unrivalled surrounding area. Whether you are looking for a family getaway in a beautiful lodge, a break in a holiday home or a fishing trip, Brightwater Lakes is an excellent choice for your next trip.

The Great British Walking Festival is gearing up for another range of magical walks across the country. Powis Castle grounds have been included in the schedule with a total of 9 events taking place at the beautiful castle and its grounds. The exclusive tour around the gardens will allow you to explore Welshpool’s fine history and natural beauty which will no doubt ensure you get the most from your visit.

The medieval castle is world-famous and boasts a glorious garden that has taken influence from Italian and French styles. Built and embellished over 400 years, the medieval structure is the perfect backdrop to enjoy tranquil wanderings around the area. The ongoing management of the building from the past four centuries is reflected in its appearance, of which it showcases a number of generations and their contributions to the magnificent collection of paintings, sculpture, furniture, and tapestries.

From September 2nd through to October 28th you will have a number of opportunities to explore the splendid gardens, whereby you will need to book tickets – as you can imagine events such as these are of incredibly high demand. Highlights of this walk will allow you to see the normally closed areas for visitors, as well as a tour of the nursery. Powis Castle is located in the mid-Wales town of Welshpool, renowned for its glorious Welsh countryside and local market town vibe that makes for an exceptional getaway, may it be a short couples retreat or big family break. For those interested in taking part in these events, you can check the Powis Castle National Trust website to find out how to get tickets.