For those who will be staying at a holiday or caravan park in Mid Wales once the new season begins, there are plenty of attractions and historical landmarks for you to explore within the area during your holiday.

One such attraction that is certainly worth a visit is Powis Castle and its beautifully managed gardens.
Powis Castle has been referred to as a number of alternative names throughout the years, including Castell Coch, which translates to ‘red castle’ from Welsh and Castell Pool, which is in reference to the town of Welshpool.

This medieval castle has had a string of influential proprietors since its construction in the 13th century, but is now a National Trust owned property.


Holiday Homes Mid WalesThe castle is open to the public, and is often host to a number of events throughout the year. During the winter months up until the end of March, the castle is open to guests from the hours of 11am to 4pm.

The castle is home to a Courtyard restaurant and coffee shop, both which serve food which has been prepared using local ingredients, and fair-trade produce when available. Their homemade bara brith, which is freshly made by following a very secret recipe, is a tasty treat not to be missed.
Inside the Castle

The Clive museum can be found within the castle, and displays a fantastic collection of artefacts from the Far East.
You’ll observe a range of treasures dating between the 17th and 19th centuries, including ceremonial armour, gold ornaments, ivories and statues.

The majority of this priceless collection of artefacts was brought to the castle in 1804, yet the museum itself was not established until 1987.
Keep a look out for the famed Clive of India’s Cat, a marble sculpture which is estimated to be dated back to the 1st century BC.



The Gardens

ICaravan Park Mid Walest’s not just the interior of the castle which impresses its visitors. The gardens which surround the castle have impressed their guests for over 300 years.

Upon visiting the gardens, you’ll experience views of the elegant Edwardian Formal Garden, the ancient Yew trees along the terraces which span over three centuries, and the formal and very colourful flower garden.

The multi-layered garden boasts a wide and exotic range of flowers and trees, and is rather impressively one of the first energy self-sufficient nurseries in Britain.

It’s likely you’ll also catch a glimpse of deer and peacocks, which can be found grazing in the Powis Castle’s very own deer park.

Entry prices to the whole property (including the gardens, castle and museum) vary, ranging from £6.25 to £31.25 for a family package ticket.