Not local to the area and looking for accommodation to tackle the goliath that is Cadair Idris? Well Brightwater Lakes caavan park in mid wales provides the perfect home base for exploring the local area!

At the southern tail of Snowdonia lies the great mountain of Cadair Idris. Named ‘Cadair’, welsh for chair, translating to ‘Chair of Idris’, maintains the mythology that a great giant named Idris raised the mountain to serve as his arm chair.

The mountain is the 19th highest in Wales, however it is the second most popular. It consists of a gargantuan 14km ridge. Anyone making it to the summit or ‘Penygadiar’ (top of the chair) will be rewarded with fabulous panoramic views of the local snowdonian mountain scenery.

There are three main paths to ascend the mountain for all ability levels so both novices and experienced hikers can enjoy.

The Pony path, is considered the easiest path conversely it is also the longest way up.

The Foxes path is the most direct path to the summit, heading straight up the northern face, this does however involve a 310 metre climb up a cliff-scree face.
Erosion over the decades has affected the rock, making the descent dangerous.

The Minfford path involves two climbs, both of over 300 metres and is the longest, steepest most dramatic route. Awesome views all along the way however.

The mountain is situated closely to the town of Dolgellau, which makes the perfect place to stock up on supplies before heading up.

Another positive factor for ascending Cadair Idris is the fact that it is not too busy, contrasting to its big brother Snowdon, there is no café or train at the top, no hordes of tourists, no litter, making Cadair Idris a proper mountain in a wilderness setting.

Try and make the ascent on a fine day for the best experience, however, a bit of wind or mist makes the climb more of a challenge, remember to be sensible though, if weather conditions turn bad, turn back!