We’ve all undeniably wanted to just pack up and get away from it all during the hectic Christmas season. All of us at one point just want to leave that turkey unstuffed, leave those crackers un-pulled and leave the party hats on the table. So, why not try a break away at serene lodges mid Wales this Yule time?

With so many reasons to pack up and go, take a look at some of these convincing points below.

The Great Escape
There could be no better feeling than dumping all of your stresses as you go on holiday to the ultimate place of peace and what you’ll find at Brightwater Lakes will have you relaxing in no time.

Whether with or without the kids, you can enjoy a relaxing dip or just wrap up in the comfort of your abode – a break from the day-to-day that we all need!

The Affordability
Wanting to invest in a second home but worried about the extra mortgage and flow of bills? Then perhaps you should check out a lodge.

Renowned for being affordable yet premier, holiday lodges can afford you a break any time of year that won’t hurt your bank balance. From a wide range of homes, you can select the one to suit your needs with various packages available to those who might want all the trimmings for a little extra.

The Community
As any lodge or holiday home owner will be able to tell you, there’s nothing like waking up on a hot summer’s day and stepping out of your door to instantly be welcomed by your warm and friendly neighbours.

The collective spirit of lodge owners is something to be admired and whether you’re after a great day out or just a general chinwag, other residents are sure to be accommodating.